Al Garibaldino Rooms
General Rules and Conditions


Access to your booked room can begin from 4 PM.

We kindly ask you to provide an estimated time of arrival, so we can arrange our best hospitality for you.

It is important that you provide your personal phone number and that your data traffic is fully functioning in Italy (if you come from abroad) on account of that the access keys to your room will work using a Bluetooth connection to your phone.

You will automatically gain access to your room at the time of your payment, for the exact time of your visit.

If you do not own a smartphone or Internet connection we will provide you, upon request, access codes that can be used on the keypad placed on every room door.

Thanks to this automated access system you will be able to access to your room at anytime, without the need to retrieve keys or access badges.

As soon as you enter the room, we ask you to check the furniture and linen and kindly let us know if you find any problematics.

At the time of your booking you will receive an email our General Rules and Conditions, and all useful information for your stay.


Guests are required to leave the rooms before 11 (noon) of the day of the departure. This time may not be postponed, as access keys to rooms are automatically disabled.

In the event we provided you physical keys without agreeing a way to return them, we kindly ask you to leave them inside the room.

If you need to leave your luggage or personal belongings after 11 (noon), we ask you to provide an explicit request; we will give you automatic access to the common area.

At the time of the check-out we ask you to report possible damages occurred to furniture or accessories present in the room during your stay.

Rooms cleaning 

The rooms are cleaned once a week, with a complete change of sheets and towels. In case of shorter stays, the cleaning of the room is not provided; but if you need it, on request and with a little extra, we can change sheets and towels and clean your room. 

Laundry service

In case of need, we can offer a laundry service for your clothes. You will find more information and prices inside the room. 


We do not provide a breakfast service. However,  you can use the common kitchen or, if you are staying in the Unità studio, your own private kitchen. In your room you will also find some information about café and clubs closed to Al Garibaldino Rooms.


Our structure can accommodate small pets on the condition that they remain under your supervision at all time and that you provide the care needed to ensure that no furniture can be damaged; we also ask you to ensure that your beloved animal friends does not disturb other guests: sadly not everyone loves animals and, moreover, quiet is requested during rest times.

For the exceptional sanitation of the room and to eliminate possible sources of allergy, an additional €10 per day is required, for each day of your furry friend’s sojourn.


Our rooms were designed and restructured to guarantee maximum privacy and silence, thanks to special walls, doors and windows, audio-absorbent and audio-isolating materials. Furthermore, we ask you to respect rest and quiet times from 12(noon) to 15pm and from 22pm to 8am.

In these periods of time you may watch TV at a low volume, use the shower and perform all the normal everyday activities but you're kindly requested to speak in a soft voice and do not practice loud behaviours.

Common areas and kitchen

Guests of the rooms Audace and Miramar can use the kitchen available in the common areas (Studio Unità has an inner private kitchen).

In the pantry, you will find essential goods (dishwashing detergent, oil, salt, pepper, vinegar, milk...) that can be used to fix breakfast or to eat something inside our complex. In the event that you used some of these goods, we ask you to replace them so that they can be available for future guests: our kitchen is designed to be a place of sharing and exchange.

In general we ask to use the common areas without too much noise.

We remind you that the common areas are constantly video monitored for your own safety.


We will fully reimburse the cost of the booking if the cancellation is made at least 14 days before the check-in date.

In the event that the cancellation is made at least 7 days before the check-in date, we will reimburse 50% of the amount of the booking.

Canceling after the term of 7 days before the check-in date, won't allow any refund.


Payment for the entire visit has to be completed at the time of the online reservation through Credit Card or PayPal.

The guests' documents have to be previously sent by email.

Damages and insurance

During your stay we kindly ask you to pay close attention to furniture and accessories present in the common area and within the rooms of the Al Garibaldino.

Damages that you may cause to the building, furniture and accessories during your visit (including potential belongings of other guests) are insured only up to the amount of 250

Air conditioning

Every room is equipped with an air conditioning system: during the summer cooling mode has to be selected (snowflake symbol) and the temperature has to be selected using the up and down arrows. We kindly ask you to not set the temperature below 26°C. Selecting a lower temperature will not cool the room faster or with greater efficiency.

Please do not use other settings on the air conditioner since you may cause other air conditioners to malfunction.


Every room has its own heating system and the temperature is set on 20°C. Italian regulations require this to be the limit to reduce pollution and waste.

We ask our guests to not touch the heating system and in case of issues or particular needs please contact the administrators.


Every room is provided with a TV with digital signal and remote. Channels from 501 are transmitted in HD.

Electronic keypad

The app Sclak or the provided codes are necessary to open and close the rooms which you have access to. We do not provide physical keys except in case of electronical failures.


We ask you to do respect the rules you will visualize before your first connection.


Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the rooms and in the common areas.

To ensure maximum safety every space is equipped with smoke detectors and the common areas are equipped with tested fire extinguishers only to be used in case of emergency.

Our historical building was built in 1856 and has floors entirely made of wood, therefore the use of open flames is strictly prohibited.

The fire alarm is directly connected to the fire department and to the energy and gas providers which will automatically be cut and shut off.

If, by accident, you happen to trigger the alarm we ask you to contact us immediately at the emergency numbers present in your room before contacting the fire department, if not necessary.

It is prohibited to leave the windows open in your absence. The wooden floors that we chose to keep and renew are original and, by nature, very delicate. Exposure to water can seriously damage them and cause water infiltrations in the lower apartments.

We kindly ask you to always close the blinds in case of strong wind, or firmly secure them to their hooks when left open. If the blinds are not strictly secured, in case of strong wind (our Bora), they can violently clash and break causing pieces to fall, dangerous to properties and people below.

It is prohibited to throw objects, different from toilet paper, in the toilet. In fact throwing tissues, plastic, female hygiene products or other, in the toilet can cause the clogging of the sewer pipes. In case of clogging you will be charged the cost of the unclogging service.

In case of need, here are our contacts:

Marco cell.  +39 3280557614

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